Eden for Ableton Live

Eden for Ableton Live
Eden is a multipattern poly-rhythmic sequencer that can generate texture-like MIDI note output (characterized by swarms or waves).

Let's break that down...


This is one of the defining features of Eden when compared to a regular sequencer. Eden can store multiple sequencer patterns and trigger a different pattern for each successive note you press on the keyboard. This is the key essence that makes the patterns so engaging. Of course, these patterns are fully customizable.


This feature sets Eden apart from our other flagship device, Loom. The patterns mentioned above are not locked rhythmically to each other. So one of the patterns can be in 4/4 and the other can be in 7/13 time. The possibilities are endless.

Texture-Like MIDI Note Output

This is hard to explain. Check out the video below to see what Eden sounds like. If you read the above explanation of how Eden is both multi-pattern and poly-rhythmic along with the video, you can get a good hang of Eden.

Core Features

Eden, with the settings menu closed

Up to 6 Independent sequencer voices

You can control the number of total voices to fit your use case. Eden also comes with a utility device called Hush which can be used to randomly remove notes before they are input into Eden. This is very handy if you are playing dense chords and want to keep the sequencer output relatively sparse.

Fully customizable patterns

The 6 patterns are fully editable. You can either turn on or off the note for each time step. Also, you get stepwise control of

  • Velocity
  • Note Length
  • Octave

MIDI effect controls

The inbuilt MIDI effects have fine-tuned velocity controls which include controls for the velocity curve, range and sensitivity to input note velocity.

Also, there are options to add high and low sprinkle, which randomly adds notes above and below an octave. This produces very musical results.

Sequencer hold function

This was a widely requested feature by many of you who are live performers. When you enable this option, the sustain pedal functions as a sequencer hold. So you can play other instruments (or do what you will) after changing a chord! Additionally, the device has zero latency.

Eden, with the settings menu expanded

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via email or the contact form on our website. You can find Eden and our other devices at our store!

Eden Ableton Live

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