How to Install Ableton Packs

This content is relevant for third party Ableton Live packs, such as the ones you find with you Loom download. For packs, you download from Ableton website, please refer to the Ableton documentation.

Installing packs (.alp)

From the Ableton Live documentation

  • Download the pack.
  • Create a folder on your computer or external hard drive for Third-Party Packs.
  • To install the pack, double-click the .alp file OR drag the pack into Live.
  • Live will recognize it as a third-party Pack and ask where to install it. Choose the folder that you created.
  • We recommend adding this folder to Places in Live's browser, for easy access.
  • For future installations of third-party packs, choose the same folder.

Pack contents

Partial Audio device packs include a demo project and the relevant racks/ max devices. The demo project is a demo of the device. Any other devices and racks can be found in the presets directory