Track Breakdown - Home

The Track

'Home' is a neoclassical piano composition, which uses the capabilities of Loom to produce complex, texture-like arpeggios.


The whole song contains only two piano tracks.

  1. The main piano which carries the melody. It's the Pianobook Isolation Piano – Tubes & Tape
  2. The Ghost Pianos Track, which uses two instances of Loom in an instrument rack. All the texture-like arpeggios are coming out of that. The piano used here is the Spitfire Audio Originals Felt Piano

Download Stems

You can download the stems of this song if you want to dig in first hand!

Ghost Pianos

If you would like to make a similar sound in your compositions using Loom, the Ghost Pianos rack is explained in depth here. Also, the demo project that comes with Loom contains a Ghost Pianos configuration.